More about my super Bead Soup Partner, Dana Hickey

Dana Hickey !

my partner for the Bead Soup Blog Party run by Lori Anderson,
seems like such a nice, intelligent and artistic person. I love and want everything in her Etsy store,

for example, as she describes it: Gold Lacey Hoops “These 14kt gf earrings are glamorous, just right for a night out! They swing and  sparkle, adding just the right amount of glitz!
The lace on these  earrings is made up of many feet of fine 14kt gold filled wire, and is attached  to the hand forged 20ga 14kt gold filled frames by yards of hair fine 14 kt gold  filled wire. Each earring was then embellished with teeny tiny 15/0 Miyuki Gold  Luster Amethyst seed beads, using even more yards of 14kt gold filled  wire.
Dangling from the center of the lacey hoops is a Rose Quartz  briolette, adorned with Rose Quartz and Crystal Quartz beads. Another Rose  Quartz briolette dangles from the center of the bottom in a gemmy fringe,  adorned with more Rose and Crystal Quartz beads. Flanking the Rose Quartz in the  fringe are Pink Amethysts and Purple Amethysts, both topped with Miyuki Gold  Luster Amethyst seed beads.
These earrings are what I would call shoulder  dusters, measuring 3.5″ from the top of the hand formed 20ga 14kt gold filled  ear wires to the bottom of the center Rose Quartz in the fringe, and measuring  just 1″ at their widest point.
I would like to tell you that all gems are  A grade or better, but the Rose Quartz is a B grade. I just liked the coloring  better than the A grade what can I say?!
*MagPie Approved and Dana  approved too – I love these earrings :o)
These will ship in a cotton  filled gift box.”
They are fantastic!!! –jean

and I have joined the list of her blog readers I urge you to do so, as well. Here is her blog: Magpie Approved
I especially liked what she wrote about taking other people’s ideas, and what the difference is between learning from other artists, and selling their ideas as your own work. This has long been a complicated concept for many sellers to understand –and it is SO simply explained by Dana, via the original piece, as written by Jessica Hische…Dana found a lettered sign on Pinterest, it seems, by Jessica, addressing the issue of copyright and art.
At any rate, Dana is a mindful creator with an elegant yet non busy style. I  really like that. I find that many people who do not know what they are doing “gew-gaw” it up and add unecessary odds and ends to their jewelry, which just confuses the point of what they are making.  Dana never does this! I love her brilliant yet unstrained creations.
Dana told me that she likes gem colors or earthy colors. When I make her Bead Soup, I will keep that in mind.
I would like to send Dana, whom I already respect, something she will really enjoy working with which will challenge her a bit!  I don’t know about the challenging part, however, frankly. Dana certainly seems to know her way around wire wrapping! In my opinion, if you can wire wrap, you can do almost anything! I had  better get going as our reveal is the first one! 7/28 is a month an a day from now! WOW!
and…OH! PS: Dana and I are both earth signs!  How cool is that?  Well it is cool if you enjoy astrology, as I do! 🙂 Thank you, Lori, for giving me another earth sign to  work with! FUN!

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