Who am I today– a reflection by Jean Yates

Who am I today– a reflection by Jean Yates

Our project/book is coming along, and I can’t drag my heels! My specific part on our “team girl” is expected to begin shortly . Yes, I am working on jewelry and accesssories for Team Pink. This book to which I am referring is the one called For the Love of Blythe. I am writing it with the creator of this whole idea, Cindy Sowers, who lives North from me, and with Fanny Zara, who lives North from me. I live in the East. Where the sun rises slowly….. but not lately! I don’t have enough time because I have decided to load myself up with a ton of  misunderstood (because I have never done it before)  mixed media stuff involving her accessories for some sort of challenge! BUT: Why now???  Why did I do this to myself??? It is something crazed which appeared in me as soon as the project appeared, ages ago. Some little voice said to me, “Jean, don’t just make jewelry!  You  already know how to make doll jewelry! Go whole hog and learn how to “decoupatch”,  how to transfer pictures using liquid gel transfer medium when you don’t even have a laser jet ink printer which is required for that, how to distress a box, and change its color,  how to stencil and stamp, how to make your handwriting look cool in a  journal by downloading a tutorial by Interweave on Art Lettering,  AND how to do all this WHILE YOU HAVE YOUR MOUTH STUFFED WITH VANILLA CREAM WAFERS.
Oh, and while you are at it, join the Bead Soup Blog Party because you do know that is always fun.
What am I, nuts?  I need June Houck to come visit. She knows words like “Crikett”, and “grunge board”. I don’t know words like “Crikett”, and “grunge board”. I just know words like “ear wire”.
I am also trying to teach myself the ancient language of  the Romanis, although they had four versions, depending upon the area from which they originally came. Oh! Then I have to polish up our girl’s story.  I wrote it. I think it is OK  for the most part,  but I need  around 500 more cookies to decide.

burp-excuse me
Dear Great Whobody (as Kim Miles says) — was this your plan for how Jean spends her summer?
Nice one.
I feel like Sisyphus pushing that rock up the mountain  or  that other guy, Hercules, cleaning out the Augean stables. Or maybe, like Icaraus, I just tried to fly too closely to the sun…even as it set slowly in the West. I would do that. I can just see me doing a belly flop, feathers and wax flying all over their patio,  in our neighbor’s pool as they fire up the grill. We have never even met them!

Man, look at Icarus goin down in flames! who hoooo!!!

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One Response to Who am I today– a reflection by Jean Yates

  1. Dana says:

    Wow you’ve got your wagon loaded! I have done the same many times – minus authoring books 🙂 I have faith in you!

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