What is going on re Jean’s new Etsy store. Pull charms for Blythe dolls are the main attraction.

What is selling in my Etsy shop?
Blythe Pull charms! These are called “Tequila Sunrise”, after on of my favorite Eagles Songs.
As I recall it was a good drink too and very pretty to look at, until you couldn’t SEE anymore and you were under the table. I had a lot of fun in my thirties and now I have my memories. Not a bad trade,
I made these at the request of  my friend and her color choices are so on target for what is happening right now I had a ball picking out beads! I got to use Swarovski astral pink and sunflower, and Indian pink and fuchsia, and Swarovski glass pearls in Neon Yellow and Hot pink. Wow!  What fun!
PS:  If you don’t know what Blythe Pull charms are, they are attached to the backs of Blythe dolls and sometimes they are plain, other times they are duded up like this. 🙂
Often a customized Blythe will have two sets of pull charms because customizers  will male sleep eyes for Blythes which require a second string. Otherwise, you can just get on pull charm. That is what a stock Blythe doll comes with! I sell single pull charms too. Some of my beads I order, and some I already have, and it is so fun to make these  I can barely express how much I enjoy this.
I love it when people order them!
I make regular jewelry too, but the doll jewelry has been greatly entertaining for me.
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